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When we are using all of ourselves in what we do – when we feel complete – it’s amazing.  And the word ‘success’ takes on a whole new meaning.

We find purpose in work and life. Our Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence soar. We collaborate openly and make decisions authentically.

We are in the flow. Emotions outweigh statistics. We’re guided by our entire being – head, heart, spirit and soul. Our head allows us rationalise and to make things happen, our heart allows us to be intuitive. Our spirit is the essence of our being and our soul aligns to our purpose.

If I put that into organisation-speak, it’s Value Based Conscious Leadership and Collaboration.

It’s so simple – we only need look inside ourselves.

This way of thinking has been the foundation of my work and of various different brands and projects that I think of as my world.

Take a look around. What you see here you won’t find anywhere else! And if something inspires you, do get in touch.

Work with me

Transformation For Leaders
Are you a CEO or manager? Then you know you have to continually develop to be the best leader you can be.
I would like to welcome you to experience a life-changing moment. Join me at the Egande retreat (Egande means peace) in the village of Abéné in Senegal, West Africa.
Lighting Up Lives
Abéné is the last undeveloped village on the coast of Senegal.
Only 20% of the village has electricity. How can 700 kids learn in a darkened schoolroom?
My dream is to create a stable electricity supply with solar panels and the power of the African sun.
Inspiring Heart in Your Workplace
How do you want people to feel when they leave your event?
How about that they’ve freed up their own energy? Found their rhythm, harmony and connection with all in the room.
I’m a speaker who uses more than words. I use breath, space, body and music. And sometimes the odd surprise.
Beat Your Success
Where did you take your team for their last team-building? Up a mountain? To a stylish restaurant?
Next time, allow them to experience the sounds, rhythms and wisdom of Africa through a Sewa Beats workshop. Right there in the conference room – without the expensive plane tickets.
A Happy Marriage of Cultures
Bringing two cultures – or two businesses – together is never easy. But when we embrace differences positively and combine our expertise, we create amazing collaboration.
A Do You Speak Djembe? conference for your organisation can create harmony.


  • I have known and worked with Doug for more than a decade now and over the years I have seen his approach, methodology and leadership skills flourish. Each year when he comes to work with the Global Leadership Fellows here at the World Economic Forum his sessions evolve as he evolves and he clearly imparts and his own personal learning to the participants. He has gone from simply wanting to share his passion for Africa and the djembe drum, to a consultant and social entrepreneur, and today he is dedicating his life to the discovery of what leadership is all about.

    Professor Gilbert Probst
    Professor Gilbert ProbstManaging Director and Dean, World Economic Forum

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