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Transformation For Leaders

Are you a CEO or manager? Then you know you have to continually develop to be the best leader you can be.

Perhaps you have tried leadership-building in 5-star hotels and left satisfied, but only momentarily so.

I would like to welcome you to experience a life-changing moment. Join me at the Egande retreat (Egande means peace) in the village of Abéné in Senegal, West Africa.

You will fly to Dakar and we will jet you in to the village’s small airstrip. It will be the beginning of our transformational time together. You will step outside your comfort zone (while staying comfortable).

You will engage in mind body awareness exercises and be challenged by our executive coaches. You’ll exchange with village elders, work the land and make commitments at a closing fire ritual.

As you embrace yourself in this very different culture we’ll support you to open your mind, to face yourself completely, and to totally embody your learning. Your Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence will soar. The entire experience will be completely relevant to support you through your daily challenges.



Lighting Up Lives

Abéné is the last undeveloped village on the coast of Senegal. Only 20% of the village has electricity and even that is patchy and expensive. The medical centre often has no electricity to power the fridge storing medicines.

There is one school with 700 pupils. They only have electricity for a few hours each week – not enough to learn to use the school’s 12 antiquated computers.

Through the Lighting Up Lives project we will bring solar power to the village, whilst demonstrating to the local community that they have all the resources they need.

My goal is to raise enough money to educate the villagers about the benefits of solar power, train them to install solar panels, and provide the equipment they need.

Abéné will be just the beginning, and together we will provide a model for the world.



Inspiring Heart in Your Workplace

How do you want people to feel when they leave your event? Not that they’ve been hearing statistics, strategies and numbers!

How about that they’ve freed up their own energy? Found their rhythm, harmony and connection with all in the room. And learned to identify their own values. As drums beat and a harpist plays.

I’m a speaker who uses more than words. I use breath, space, body and music. And sometimes the odd surprise.



Beat Your Success

Where did you take your team for their last team-building? Up a mountain? To a stylish restaurant?

Next time, allow them experience the sounds, rhythms and wisdom of Africa through a Sewa Beats workshop. Right there in the conference room – without the expensive plane tickets.

I’ve developed Sewa Beats workshops to use drums, colour, voices, breathing and even silence to help people begin a journey to find their own brand of success.

I will personally lead your workshop, if you wish.



A Happy Marriage of Cultures

Bringing two cultures – or two businesses – together is never easy. But when we embrace differences positively and combine our expertise, we create amazing collaboration.

A Do You Speak Djembe? Conference has two different musical cultures playing in perfect harmony. On one side are classically trained musicians who play from a score, and on the other are African musicians who don’t read music nor count bars.

The melding of musical cultures is a powerful experience and provides inspiration for companies entering into a merger or for diverse teams needing to work together.


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