Purpose, love and inner wisdom are my mantra. What’s yours?

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My journey has been one of enrichment. I’ve learned from indigenous cultures a way of finding purpose in what I do and being guided by my own inner values. I call it living integrity. Being whole.

I’ve been using this in my work for 20 years.

The loss of my mother at a relatively young age created not only sadness, but also propelled me on my journey. Somehow, my life didn’t feel right any more. But out of bad always comes good. Eventually. The journey within began.

I’d been a keen drummer since I was a kid. One day I attended a workshop about the djembe, the traditional drum of the Malinke people of West Africa.

Who could have imagined a drumming workshop to be life-changing?

A Message Of Love, Togetherness & Peace

Yet, I was deeply touched by the rhythm and energy of this instrument and the drummers. The djembefolas, the djembe masters, say the djembe beats out a message of love, togetherness and of peace. I felt something of that, despite my personal loss.

After 8 years as a BBC documentary producer, I was inspired to find a new path – studying the djembe in West Africa. Whilst there I found the village of Abéné in Senegal.

This undeveloped fishing village is now my home for part of the year. The people from Casamance, the Southern part of Senegal, are my friends. One of them – Seckou Keita – is my spiritual brother.

I’ve learned a whole lot more than drumming from my friends and from Africa.

Bringing The Whole You To What You Do

I’d go so far as to say I’ve learned a way of being.

I’ve learned to find a purpose in life. Learned what my inner values are and how to use them to guide me in making decisions. Learned that life is not about work-life balance but about work-life integration. About bringing the whole you to what you do.

These ideas I bring to my speaking, my workshops for organisations, and my leadership retreats for CEOs – all my projects.


Transformation For Leaders
Are you a CEO or manager? Then you know you have to continually develop to be the best leader you can be.
I would like to welcome you to experience a life-changing moment. Join me at the Egande retreat (Egande means peace) in the village of Abéné in Senegal, West Africa.
Lighting Up Lives
Abéné is the last undeveloped village on the coast of Senegal.
Only 20% of the village has electricity. How can 700 kids learn in a darkened schoolroom?
My dream is to create a stable electricity supply with solar panels and the power of the African sun.
Inspiring Heart in Your Workplace
How do you want people to feel when they leave your event?
How about that they’ve freed up their own energy? Found their rhythm, harmony and connection with all in the room.
I’m a speaker who uses more than words. I use breath, space, body and music. And sometimes the odd surprise.
Beat Your Success
Where did you take your team for their last team-building? Up a mountain? To a stylish restaurant?
Next time, allow them to experience the sounds, rhythms and wisdom of Africa through a Sewa Beats workshop. Right there in the conference room – without the expensive plane tickets.
A Happy Marriage of Cultures
Bringing two cultures – or two businesses – together is never easy. But when we embrace differences positively and combine our expertise, we create amazing collaboration.
A Do You Speak Djembe? conference for your organisation can create harmony.

Something for you?

All my work is about building bridges. Between people, between teams. Between the west and Africa.

I do this in many different ways. Speaking to your audience with an African kora playing alongside me. Taking leaders and future leaders out of their comfort zone into Africa. Inspiring teams to find their purpose.

I’ve founded two successful brands, Sewa Beats and Do You Speak Djembe? and worked with Fortune 500 companies, leading business schools and organisations around the globe.

I work with beliefs and techniques like Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, NLP, Shamanism, Vocal Awareness and Transformational Breath.

I’d love to work with you. How can I support you?

A last word, about words


I love the word inspiration. Did you know that the English Oxford dictionary’s definition of ‘inspire’ is ‘to infuse with breathe’? I use breathing in my work. Our breath connects us to all that we are, and as we breathe, we become inspired. Literally.

Integrity. Complete. Whole.

I use the word integrity a lot, because it actually means being complete, being whole. In my work I help people and organisations become more complete, using all of their inner resources.

Education and Facilitation

I seek to facilitate your education. The literal meaning of education comes from the Latin educe, ‘to draw out from within’. And my role as a ‘facilitator’ from the Latin facilis is to render our journey together ‘as easy as possible’.

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